Bow Hunting / Archery, Waterfowl Hunting, Deer Hunting

Chesapeake Outdoors is your one-stop shop for everything you need for all types of hunting on Maryland's Eastern Shore.  We have a large selection of bows, arrows and bolts, shotguns, muzzleloaders, rifles, ammo, waders and bibs, decoys, and more.  As a full-service shop, we offer many services including bore sighting, optics mounting, complete set-ups.  We even have an archery technician on-site!

Bow Hunting / Archery

Sights - Bows - Crossbows - Arrows -  Bolts - Quivers -  Bow Cases - Strings and Cables - Tree Stand Accessories

Long Guns

Rifles -Muzzleloaders - Shotguns - Ammo - Optics  - Mountables


Decoys - Waders and Bibs

Hunting Clothes

Deer Hunting

Attractants - Feed -  Scrape Supplies - Cover Scents - Tree Stands


Bore Sighting - Full Service Optic Mounting - Gun Set Up - Tree Stand Set Up

Please note that we are no longer PICKING WATERFOWL