The Best Crabbing Pro Shop on the Eastern Shore

Chesapeake Outdoors stocks crabbing gear to equip recreational and commercial crabbers alike.  We carry a variety of baits as well as pots, traps, trot lines, and bushel baskets.  We also have nets and trot line arms, a large selection of gloves, rain gear, Grundens gear, tongs, coolers, ice, and more!

Chicken Necks

Crabbing Bait

  • Chicken Necks
  • Razor Clams
  • Alewives (solid in various sizes/quantities)

Trot Lines

#6 Locktite (recreational)
600 ft and 1200 ft lengths complete with brass clips and a wooden bushel basket

#8 Locktite (commercial grade)
1200 ft complete with brass clips and wooden bushel basket

Trot Lines
Crab Pots

Crab Pots & Traps

Our crab pots are locally made in Chester,MD. We have both half and full crab pots in galvanized or coated finishes. We also carry live boxes, spot pots, and fish holding boxes.

Crab traps are available in a variety of styles including 4-door stackable, and 4-door or 2-door closed top. Traps are sold rigged or plain and with or without bait holders.

Baskets, Gloves, & Accessories

Bushel baskets (wooden or plastic), crab tongs, measuring sticks, trot line floats, and more.


Nets & Trot Line Arms

Commercial grade and recreational style nets are available with different head styles and wooden or aluminum handle variants.

Trot line arms for leisure crabbers or heavy-duty adjustable rollers available year-round.